Trump Says Bush Administration 'Knew an Attack Was Coming' Before 9/11  Oct 18th 2015

They knew an attack was coming,” Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump says on CNN as feud continues with rival Jeb Bush over 9/11 handling by Bush’s brother’s administration. George Tenet, the CIA director, knew in advance that there would be an attack, and he said so to the president, and he said so to everybody else that would listen,” Trump says 
Trump faults FBI, CIA, National Security Council for “not talking to each other” On the other hand, the skirmish has resurrected a larger debate about whether President Bush did all that he could in the run-up to the attacks and how he responded, including in the now-unpopular decision to invade Iraq. 
Trump repeated his criticism again on Monday morning to CNN, and, hours later, directed his followers to 2012 op-ed in the New York Times by Kurt Eichenwald, who highlighted a now-famous daily brief that President Bush received on Aug. 6, 2001, titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” 
see: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/politics/wp/2015/10/18/trump-tripl es-down-on-george-w-bushs-responsibility-for-9


AE911 Truth - Live Stream At Engineering Event July 1st 2015

World Trade Centre Evidence To Be Presented At Major european Engineering Conference, Orleans, France. June 29th - July 2nd 2015.

LIVE STREAM: 9.30 AM Central European Time on Weds July 1st followed by a video discussion:


AE911 will present a paper tittled:"The World Trade Center Analyses: "Case Study of Ethics, Public Policy and the Engineering Profession."

Top Officials Charged With Violating Constiution with 9/11 Detainee Abuse

" Under policy implemented by former attorney general John Ashcroft , detainees were held and abused for months. "http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/jun/17/john-ashcroft-911-detainee-abuse-lawsuit

Rand Paul leads bipartisan effort to declassify 28 pages of 9/11 Report.

New bill aims to make public classified pages widely believed to detail ties between Saudi Arabian funders and Al Qaida and 'establish chain of liabllity' for 9/11 attacks.


Matt Campbell (UK 9/11 Family Member) Vs The BBC

Matt Campbell's brother died in  North Tower on 9/11. Matt has been campaigning for justice for his brother’s murder and to expose  evidence that the US, UK Governments, and the media have covered up.

March 23rd Matt went to court in Hastings against the BBC as he refused to pay TV licence fees on the basis that the BBC has deliberately covered up evidence relating to how his brother was murdered. for more read here



Paris Attacks January 2015

click here for an article by Peter Drew from ae911truth.There are  answered questions and anomalies pertaining to the official story of the Paris attacks. Before the attacks, there was mounting criticism of some of the unsavoury aspects of the war on terror, such as the recently released report on the use of illegal torture by the CIA. Just 1 day before the Paris attacks, Senator Bob Graham held a press conference urging the release of a 28 page redacted document that was used in the 9/11 commission. This major 9/11 news was buried by the events in Paris. The Paris attacks have been used to whip up more support for the GWOT and subsequent calls for further restrictions on our liberties and our freedom of speech, our freedom to criticise western policies. This raises the question of "Who Benefits?" from the Paris Incident:  as the answer mostly reveals the masterminds behind such convenient attacks. (editor or ri911 notes) 

Press Release from Reinvestigate 911

Oct 1st 2014

Reinvestigate 911, the UK campaign calling for a thorough and fully independent inquiry into the 9/11 attacks, condemns government plans to creates a concept new to British public discourse: non-violent extremism.

This is not blue sky thinking or a party conference gimmick: the EU is quietly developing a similar concept and wishes to operate an internet censorship system to deal with "esoteric" websites. This week Theresa May outlined plans for draconian legal controls on individuals not suspected or accused of advocating violence.

Reinvestigate 911 believes the true reason for the plans is that, as Hilary Clinton conceded while Secretary of State, the NATO powers are losing the propaganda war and are increasingly seen as aggressors and warmongers. Rather than ask why, the easy response is to shoot the messenger. Obama official Cass Sunstein has called for organised attacks on websites which do not tow the official line, and from the Snowden leaks it seems clear that Sunstein's plans are in operation already. Here in the UK Ofcom claims the right to regulate internet news sites under little noticed passages of New Labour's Communication Act

However Reinvestigate 911 is flattered that 13 years after the 9/11 attacks authorities still feel the need to proclaim the entirely discredited official 911 story and attempt to smear sceptics as conspiracy theorists.

Reinvestigate 911 will continue to draw attention to the impossibilities and contradictions in the official 9/11 story for as long as we are legally permitted and we call on the mainstream media to overcome the great fear we know they have. Please open this can of worms and start asking the obvious questions while it is still legal to do so.

For more details of the NATO plans and 9/11 leaks, see the following  article on David Cameron and Theresa May - Dangerous Nonsense contact Ian Henshall 079469 39217

UK 9/11 victim to US Ambassador: "I Want Answers"

Matt Campbell lost his brother in the 911 attacks is fed up with waiting for answers to the many questions that the US government has left unanswered about the events that launched an era of wars, surveillance and militarism. After approaching the UK authorities and coroner it has become clear to Matt that they have all accepted the US version of events entirely on trust. Even the North America section head at the Foredign Office relied on Washington's discredited 911 Commission report in a letter which Matt regards as lacking any meaningful substance and ignoring his questions. Finally Matt Campbell has decided to go pubic. He has issued the attached press release, jointly with Reinvestigate 911, the campaign calling for a new independent inquiry into the disaster. more

Italian Judge, Ferdinand Imposimato Joins 911 consensus

President of the Italian Supreme Court, he presided over terrorism cases, including the kidnapping and assassination of President Aldo Moro and the attempted assassination of Pope John Paul II. He has publicly stated that 9/11 was a false-flag operation, recommending that it be tried at the International Criminal Court, which investigates criminal acts of war.  more

US Congress cites 9/11 Bush cover-up, demands Obama act

Two members of Congress, specially authorized to view documents on 9/11 censored under the personal authority of President Bush (43), have come away “absolutely shocked,” demanding immediate action. read more and Saudi 911 Cover-up

Bob McIlvaine's Message To The World


Search Engine Manipulation. Google and YouTube Suppress Controversial 9/11 Truth? by Elizabeth Woodward from Global Research 0ct 2013

On September 8, 2013, the popular Russia Today, Truthseeker programme, with over a million subscribers on YouTube,[1] published a 13-minute newscast entitled “The Truthseeker: 9/11 and Operation Gladio .” But youtube and google have interefered with the viewing statistics and the search engine results for this hugely popular video.  read more

Russia Today TV "911 Was An Inside Job"

Featuring Bob McIlvaine, Elizabeth Woodward, Nafeez Ahemed and others


"911 The New Pearl Harbour"

A new film raising questiions concerning the official account of 9/11 attacks. Endorsed by Prof David Ray Griffin (author of the book "9/11 The New Pearl Harbour") and by Richard Gage, from Architects and Engineeers of 9/11 Truth. Thoroughly researched. A must see for beginners and seasoned experts on 9/11 alike. more

Ex MI5 Whistleblower, David Shaylor, Acts In Play, "7 Seconds", Brings Questions Over WTC 7's Collapse On 9/11 To A New Audience and Press Attention

A theatre production to encourage the public to question the official story of 911 is proving  a success in bringing this to a new audience, who never knew that thousands of architects, engineers, pilots, 911 family members, congress men and women, and many more, not just in America, but across the world, doubt the veracity of the official account of 911.

Many have never been to a 911 event, or questioned the official story before. Some held unfavourable stereotypes about those who question 9/11, and had their misconceptions blown away.
The play, by concentrating on mostly the science supplied to us by Architects and Engineers for 911 truth, along with 911 family members views, has been an eye opener for many.

The theatre  has a loyal following of  theatre goers, and situated near the bustling Camden Market making access easy for the casual passers by, whether locals, londoners, or from all corners of the globe.

see press write up by the Camden New Journal

Sign Petition To Review Sch 7 of Terrorism Act UK

Over 70,000 of you have signed a petition, calling for the government to review the use of Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act. Please help get the word out there and tell as many people as you can about the petition - www.change.org/schedule7
MPs are set to review Schedule 7 in October and this campaign could prove crucial in getting the law changed.

911 Anniverary Sept 2013

Sept 11th 2013

Family Member, Bob McIlvaine

"My message to the world"


Latest 9/11 News

ReThink911 Campaign by AE911Truth Sept 2013

1) Official Online Petition

Sign the newly launched ReThink911 International Petition. When this petition reaches one million signers, it will be delivered to the Head of State of every nation that had citizens who died on September 11, 2001.

2) Billboards advertising the mysterious collapse of WTC 7 have been placed in many cities around the world.

London: Rethink billboards - Old Street Roundabout (street boards) and 75 Commercial Road (billboard

3) Cynthia McKinney endorses "Re-Think 911" July 2013  http://rethink911.org/london/

Bilderberg Group Behind Terror Attacks claims Italian Supreme Court President 2013

Ferdinando Imposimato, President of the Supreme court of Italy has accused the Bilderberg Group of being behind terrorist attacks in Europe. readmore

Packed London Meeting Hears Experts on 9/11 and Boston and plans for Bilderberg protests in the UK in June 2013

A sellout meeting in London, April 30th 2013 heard experts on the 9/11 and 7/7 attacks, and their reaction to official statements on the Boston bombings... read more conference videos

30 April 2013: Big Meet-up in London

A meeting in London is set to become key forum for truth, antiwar and anti-globalisation activists... read more

17 April 2013: Another Terror Attack; Another Terror Drill

If whistleblower Ali Stevenson is correct, it appears that yet again a terrorist attack, this time the Boston bomb, occurred at the same time as an official exercise was taking place. read more

25 Feb 2013: Tony Rooke vs BBC - Court  Victory for Protestor

Campaigner and film maker Tony Rooke claimed a moral victory today after a UK court gave him a conditional discharge even though he has refused to pay his BBC license fee. . He persuaded the court that the BBC must answer the allegation that, in covering up information on 9/11 attacks, they are colluding with terrorism. Over 100 supporters from as far away as Denmark and Norway cheered in front of the court house read more 


 read more

2012: A breakthrough year for the 9/11 truth movement

Media breakthroughs, international breakthroughs and evidential breakthroughs. read more

Sept 2012: 9/11 Sceptics In the Mainstream as Evidence Mounts

As the annual 9/11 remembrance draws to a close, the world is split on whether the Afghan and Iraq invasions were justified, and also between those who accept Washington's official 9/11 story and those who do not. read more

Sept 11, 2012:  9/11 - Eleven Years On -Still No Answers  

9/11, a world changing event, resulting in wars abroad and erosion of civil liberties at home. Still there are unanswered questions. more

Sept 11, 2012  - "9/11: Are Our Universities Failing Us?"

University of Toronto Professors Richard B. Lee and Herb Jenkins, will discuss their  conclusions of  expert witnesses who argued that the official theory of 9/11 is false.  The film  "9/11 In The academic Community " will be screened  more 

Aug 28th 2012 - Former Marine To Sue FBI over 9/11 Facebook Posts

Brandon Raub, 26, was detained for psychiatric evaluation by the FBI after he questioned the official 9/11 account on FaceBook. more

Aug 2012 - New York Times & CIA Collusion - 9/11 Implications


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