The Media and 9/11

Mainstream Media on 9/11


Reinvestigate 9/11 urges our supporters to look out for the Accountable Democracy Campaign which has spawned RADTV, an internet TV channel at this address. We hope RADTV will grow as a UK based independent media resource.

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We feel that it is primarily the media who have failed on 9/11 and other topics, most notably laundering government lies about Iraq's "weapons of mass destruction". The implications of this for the 9/11 truth community are immense: it now undeniable that the corporate media are incapable of identifying the most palpable lies when they come from government.

With the 9/11 official story, questions are ignored, ridiculed, or given an inappropriately brief mention. Radical and bizarre 9/11 sceptics are often selected to present the case.

One US newspaper, asked why they always placed questions over 9/11 in back pages, answered that it wasnt their job to 'join up the dots' for the public. We think this is precisely what their job should be, but many journalists have poor analytic skills and investigative journalism has become a rarity.

9/11 sceptics put the media behaviour down to the power of advertisers and proprietors along with manipulation by government officials who frequently threaten to refuse to talk to journalists if their colleagues cause offence. This is known as self-censorship.

The mainstream media in the NATO countries operate like a cartel, with a strightjacket on the range of opinion that they can tolerate.

In addition, media people are as prone to denial and conformism as the rest of the public.

Even world class correspondent Robert Fisk saw his article raising 9/11 questions relegated to the back pages of The Independent. You can find links to this and other balanced articles on our site.

The BBC Coverage of 9/11

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