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FBI Whistleblower ali Soufan BBC Newsnight and Der Speilgel sept 2011

Richard Clarke R.Clarke airs suspicions over 911 intel failure - washinton post 8/9/2011

Richard Gage: Bristol Evening Post  June 2011

Gore Vidal claims 'Bush junta' complicit in 9/11, The Observer, October 2002

Meacher sparks fury over claims on September 11 and Iraq war, The Guardian, Sept 2003

This war on terrorism is bogus, Michael Meacher, The Guardian, Sept 2003

Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job', Daily Mail, Sept 2006

Full house as leading 9/11 conspiracy theorist has his say, The Guardian, Sept 2006

Key 9/11 survivor in Lancaster, Jan 2007

An Explosion of Disbelief - Fresh Doubts Over 9/11, Daily Mail, Feb 2007

The 9/11 conspiracy: secrets, lies and a global campaign, The Herald, Feb 2007

The untold story of September 11, The Argus, Sept 2007