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Crimes of the 1% - 2nd State and Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference Mar 17th 2012

Susan Lindauer [youtube:vhT0RXep1mc]

Michael Ruppert [youtube:vMAkJjq1AxNs]

David Southwell [youtube:vckUhO]

Tom Secker [youtube:vDc89byqNUlc]

Martin Summers [youtube:vmznxMko8RII]

Paul Warburton [youtube:vIjurL9unJkQ]


State and Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference

Martin Summers

Bridget Dunne and Tom Secker:


10th anniversary of 9/11

Bob McIlvaine (his son died in the attacks) John farmer, (legal counsel to 9/11 commission)  speak out - Franch 3 TVon 10th anniversary of 9/11

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

Review of 11th Hour by A.Summers by Noel Glyn & Martin Summers, PressTv 12th Sept 2011

Richard Clarke Whistleblows on 9/11!


Questioning Official 9/11 Story

Alan Hart ex BBC Panorama correspondent on 9/11 and the media (9/4/11)

9/11 commissioners on the 9/11 commission: 'we were set up to fail'

9/1 1Press For Truth - Relatives of those who died speak out - Full Movie