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Public Meeting

Conway Hall, London, WC1 4RL

Tuesday 30 April, 2013 6.30pm to 9.30 pm
Light refreshments
Entrance £4 unwaged £2
Full price tickets in advance £3


Ian Henshall  on 9/11 paper trail bombshell

White House anti-terror chief: CIA enabled 9/11.
Terrorists ? Or just patsies? Several alleged 9/11 terrorists were saved from arrest before the attacks by order of FBI and CIA bosses.

Tony Rooke on "Why I refuse to pay TV license"

 March 2013 he went to court. Extracts from the most downloaded 9/11 film on US Public Broadcast System: Architects and Engineers: Experts speak out on 9/11. How can a steel frame building collapse symmetrically and at free fall speed? Who told the media it would happen?

Peter Drew, UK organiser of AE911: this is the smoking gun. We want answers, not insults, from the BBC.

Noel Glynn on the Together for the Charter petition.

Airline pilot: official story not possible

"Amateur pilots could not have done this"
According to the official 9/11 line, amateur pilots attacked three buildings with poinpoint accuracy at high speed and low altitude. One skimmed in at 20ft above the ground. Airline pilot Mitoa Edjang explains why the story cannot be correct.

Nov 10th  2012- 3rd State And Corporate Crimes Against Democracy Conference


All day event, on Sat Nov 10th 2012,  at Friends House, Euston Rd, London. Organised by Acountable Democracy and Reinvestigate 9/11

Click here  for videos from speakers.

Cynthia McKinney (ex US Congresswoman),

David Southwell (Author & Journalist),

Lars Schall (Author, Financial Journalist),

Women Against Rape

Dan Glazebrook (Journalist),

Tony Gosling (broadcaster),

Niels Harrit (9/11 expert),

John Bailey (media expert),

Annie Machon (ex MI5 whistleblower),

Michael Ratner (Centre for Constitutional Rights)





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Crimes Of The One Percent

2nd State and Corporate Crimes Against Democracy conference

9.30 - 5.00 Saturday March 17th 2012

Friends House,173-177 Euston Rd, London NW1 2B

Ellen Brown on Banking Crisis. (videos on our youtube channel)