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Vic Sadot,Truth Troubadour yotube channel: "Cheney's In The Bunker"  Vic Sadot's CD 911 Truth

The 2008 Green Party Presidential candidate, and six term Democratic Congresswoman for the state of Georgia, and founder of Dignity Action Network, Cynthia McKinney, had this to say about several of Vic Sadot’s songs on "9/11 Truth & Justice Songs".

“Vic Sadot's music produces in me a wide range of reactions from awe to action to tears. Cheney's in the Bunker produces awe because every line of that song is power-packed with information that most people don't know because it was omitted from the 9/11 Commission's report. Ballad of William Rodriguez and Ballad of Pat Tillman give you so much information and make you want to act to find the truth about 9/11 and reach out to Pat Tillman's parents for their tremendous loss and the Pentagon's lies to them about it. Finally, The Kidnapping Coup, about the U.S.-inspired kidnapping of Haiti's President, Jean Bertrand Aristide, brings me to tears. On song after song, Sadot tells us too much of the sad, sad truth. Not only have I found in Vic a new friend who understands my passion for what is right, I've found someone who knows how to artistically communicate the critical issues of our day.”

9/11 Research Websites

Reinvestigate 9/11 does not endorse any one theory of what really happened on 9/11. There's  thousand of 9/11  websites, but many promote theories unsupported by evidence and some are critical of anyone refusing to endorse their views. Some 9/11 sceptics suspect some of these radical sites could be disinformation, funded by Washington to discredit the 9/11 truth movement, in the same way that, we now know from official documents, the FBI's cointelpro programme infiltrated the movement against the vietnam war.
Here's a list of evidence based sites supporting a new, independent investigation.
An international leader for the 9/11 research community and truth movement.
An essential tool in the development of 9/11 truth grassroots activism, discussion, debate and awareness. Updated daily with reports of new evidence, media reports and grassroots actions, this is the most effective way to keep up to date with the latest news and developments and to promote your own ideas and actions.
The theory behind the History Commons is that the mainstream media report facts fairly accurately, but does not provide the context or join the dots and sometimes selects the facts to fit a pre-ordained story. As an example of the story coming before the facts, even before the Twin Towers has collapsed on the morning of the 9/11 attacks CNN was reporting "White House sources" as stating that the attacks were carried out by Al Qaeda. It is difficult to get their true picture without buying every paper in every country and painstakingly collating all articles. Thankfully History Commons has done this for us. It contains summaries of 12,065 events, which are published as dynamic timelines sourced 100% to mainstream media articles. The most read of these is the Complete 9/11 Timeline A valuable resource to millions of concerned citizens worldwide.
Has activist reports and future plans from around the world.The picture is the picket of the US embassy in London, Spring 2008
It's a successor to the popular;listing upcoming events, a forum, and a huge archive of 9/11 related articles. Like many forums, the old site had attracted posts from the radical right which led to dishonest attacks on 9/11 sceptics by a network of vocal mainstream journalists led by Nick Cohen (Observer, Evening Standard) and David Aaronovitch (The Times, The Guardian). These "left wing" supporters of the Iraq war used the old refuge of the intellectually bankrupt, guilt by association.